About Us



Sharing the gospel is what we’re all about. It is our priority in life, and it is our passion.

We didn’t want to launch just another ‘merch’ line, stamp it with a christian logo, and call it a day. We have a purpose/vision in mind for everything we do here at This Is Salvation, and this clothing line is no exception. When you support our brand, you are making a statement. You are putting the message of the Gospel right in people’s faces. You are giving them the chance to stumble upon our ministry, which proclaims the Gospel in all it’s fullness - without any sugar coated compromise.

This clothing line is made for one purpose, and that’s to focus peoples eyes on Jesus Christ. We don’t believe in making money for our personal gain off the name of Christ, and we never will. One hundred percent (100%) of all profits go right back into our efforts to share the Gospel and support like minded ministries. Simple as that.


We are joint in partnership with ThisIsSalvation.com



It means this: This life isn’t about us. But when Christ came down, it had everything to do with us. God didn’t come to give us fancy life. He didn’t come to make us better people. He came to save us. He came to restore our connection to God so that one day, whoever believes in Christ will live eternally again. (John 3:16-18)

This life isn’t about us. It never has been, and it never will be. We live for the King, and we live to bring Glory, Fame and Honour to His name, and His name alone. It’s not our fame.